15 April 2014

Pink Multi Jutti Flats

Have you visited TOMS lately? There are so many delicious patterns and designs coming out! I love these flats with textile detailing on the toes. Pair them with cropped jeans, a slouchy white tee and over-sized tote for a cozy weekend shopping the farmer's market look. To boot, TOMS continues to give one pair to a child in need for each that you purchase.

14 April 2014

The Average American in 2050

National Geographic has pulled together a stunning set of images portraying what the average American will look like in 2050, per the US Census. The theory is that specific races will blend together over the years and will no longer be distinct. The features are absolutely stunning  I can't stop looking at them!

It's hard to imagine, in a culture that has struggled for generations with the topics of race and segregation, that we are moving in in this direction so rapidly. When I consider the couplings within our social circle, we are generally paired to our roots. The Indian couples. The Chinese couples. The Jewish couples. My husband and myself both have 50% Serbian heritage. We do also have British/Dominican and other mixed pairs, but it doesn't feel as dominant in the trend as the Census suggests. However, living in New York, we have cultural divides between neighborhoods held together by different languages and values to maintain one's heritage. Very possibly New York shouldn't be considered  a good litmus test. Read more at National Geographic.

Bearfruit Succulents

Succulents, pastels and Ball jars? It's a beautiful cocktail, no?  Bearfruit Succulents are crafted to order with chalk paint. Available in singles or collections, I'm eyeing this pair for my apartment:

Simple, elegant and laced with memories of making blackberry jam in childhood summers- these would also make a gorgeous Mother's Day gift.  Purchase at Etsy.

Images: Bearfruit Succulents.

10 April 2014

Have a Beachy Weekend!

We're celebrating our Two-Year Anniversary this weekend! It's amazing to think of all of the adventures we embarked on across the globe in a small window of time!

We've decided to stay in dog-friendly B&B in Port Jefferson, Long Island, where we celebrated our marriage with our favorite people. I'm a little nervous to see the Danford Inn where we set-up camp for the wedding, as the last time I saw it was once the news being swallowed by the waves from hurricane Sandy.

I hope you're weekend is gorgeous! What are you getting into? Keep up with our rediscoveries over the weekend via my Instagram: keisharose10038.


A round-up of finds from around the web...

It's finally starting to look like Spring in New York. Enjoy the sunshine in these spots.

The cat that re-rolls the toilet paper he unrolled.

mysterious light on Mars.

Amazing human habitats.

These asparagus deviled eggs look amazing!

Yoga for better sleep? I'll try anything twice.

The New York Post's guide to etiquette for visitors.

A royal mystery.

There is going a massive Easter Egg Hunt in New York City next week.

I bought this blush recently and it's amazing!

Pony Drink Stirrers

Corral your favorite cowboys and cowgals together for cocktails with these gorgeous Pony Drink Stirrers. From the incredibly adorable Provisions by Food 52 shop, these beauties will only set you back $18.

09 April 2014

Benefit Dallas

High rise buildings. Long hours in the office. I definitely Benefit from the natural glow of Dallas indoor face powder. The formula applies sheer for a natural look. It's my new favorite thing. Purchase at Benefit.


08 April 2014

Fox Decanter & Glasses

These five foxes are looking at you! From Biscuit, this decanter set is fun way to add personality to your home bar. With gold rim detailing and the focused gaze of the fox, all you need is a large cube of ice and a splash of bourbon. If you're all squared away with your bar ware, I love these for a hostess gift as well. Cheers!

07 April 2014

Cuyana Turkish Robe

It's one of those Mondays, when a cozy robe and a trip to the Wall Street Bath & Spa sounds pretty appetizing. I love this simple and lightweight design from Cuyana. The stripes add a dash of sporty to your walk between the steam room and the cold tub. Wishlisted!

05 April 2014

Childrens Bedroom's from Around the World

Photographer James Mollison created an eye-opening series of photos of children's portraits adjacent images of their bedrooms. Called Where Children Sleep, the inspiration stems from Mollison's thoughts on his own childhood bedroom and what the details interpreted about him. The diversity, while not surprising is eye-opening and humbling:

Alex, 9.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bilal, 6.  Wadi Abu Hindi, West Bank.

Anonymous, 9. Ivory Coast

Bikram, 9. Melamchi, Nepal.

Risa, 15. Kyoto, Japan.

Pretty stunning, no? View more of the series at Mollison's webpage.

04 April 2014

Have a Cozy Weekend

Hello Weekend! It's been a short work week for me (don't you love that?). What are you getting into? I'm excited to wake up  early on Saturday morning and finish reading The Goldfinch in bed. While navigating through the delicious pages, I can't help but speculate that there is deeper connection to the cultural idiosyncrasies woven through pages to New Yorkers. My gran plans to read it and come back to me on my thoughts.


A round-up of gems from around the web...

This interactive map of New York based on Google auto-complete is funny.

George Bush's (highly anticipated?) portraits revealed.

According to Twitter, Corona is New York's favorite cheap beer.

You can rent Kate Moss' former NYC apartment for $19,000 a month.

Come as you are: the art of pulling together a last-minute party.

Feel like your floating with this clever balloon chair.

A symbiotic relationship?

I ordered groceries to make these two recipes this weekend!

Love these pops of turquoise!

These cheeky panties made me laugh.


Hose Water Bottle

If your childhood was anything like mine- it involved late night games of Kick the Can with the neighbors, building tree houses and drinking ( /spraying each other) from the hose. How funny is this water bottle? Crafted from glass, the bottle features a long, twisting hose by illustrator Ray Fenwick. I would like one.


03 April 2014

12 Egg Crate

I'm an egg lover. I could easily eat them every day. I love this simple yellow crate to keep your eggs organized in style. Crafted from powder-coated steel, you can  purchase yours at Crate & Barrel.


Have you seen the trailer for Lucy? I'm a big Scarlett Johansson fan...everything she does is so yummy!